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Guest host Tim Ferriss shares advice you’ll will want to etch into stone: the Ten Commandments of Startup Success. We teamed up with Tim’s eponymous podcast, the Tim Ferriss Show, to bring you this special remix of actionable lessons from every episode of Masters of Scale, Season One, including previously unaired insights from Airbnb’s Brian Chesky, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Endeavor’s Linda Rottenberg. Tim is an accomplished speaker who’s given multiple TED Talks and author of The 4 Hour Work Week. He’s masterful at extracting tips, tricks and lifehacks for busy entrepreneurs.


The New Agenda – Kimbro’s Angle on Think & Grow Rich

Dr Dennis Kimbro recently ran.. no, walked in the Peachtree Race. Here's his angle on how involved he was:

"Two total knees means life without pain. It also means that your time in the Peachtree road race is 1:34 walking versus 44 minutes when I ran it every year. But I'll take it. Now excuse me while I order drinks. Bartender! Two Tecate with limes! #peachtreeroadrace #atlanta #cau#thinkandgrowrich #july4th #drkimbro#drdenniskimbro

We love and support Dr. Kimbro and his energy. Please check out the new film project Think & Grow Rich, a Black Choice at


Honest & Insightful, Thinking & Growing Rich w Dr. Dennis Kimbro

Dr. Kimbro honest and insightful interview can change anyone’s life for the better. There’s an emphasis on changing one’s way of thinking in order to succeed in life. A strong mind is power!

He mentions, “Spend money in your community! The average dollar stays 6hrs in the black community before leaving”, while the average dollar in other communities stays between 17 to 45 days before leaving. We have the power to change our lives simply by spending differently and wisely! If every dollar spent by a black person was spent in a black business, we would have a stronger and more sustainable community. Dr. Kimbro mentions, “we must grow as people. We must grow our spiritual, moral intellectual development.” A spiritual deficit leading to emptiness and lack of motivation, which leads to a financial deficit and lack of success! Change starts within us! The key denominator is the love within our heart for our community. In the words of Dr. Kimbro, “We were chosen to be here!”

Kudos to the Atlanta livestream production team of Relentless Aaron and Rolonda Rochelle. The On Top Atlanta livestream is off to a shining acceleration with this single epic interview!

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