Founder’s Message

Relentless university crestAll throughout my adolescence I ran into walls, hurdles & barriers. The choices I made were wayward. The results I came up with were but learning experiences and were just short of life-threatening. Fortunately I lived through them enough to evolve; to understand that life is about PROGRESS, not merely SURVIVAL. There was a point that I had to recognize what I had going for me… “What are your talents, DeWitt?” “What makes you happy, DeWitt?” “What is your life’s purpose, DeWitt?” These are questions that I have never been asked in my adolescence, in my teenage years, nor in my adult life. I had to hit the wall enough to shake some screws loose. I had to trip and fall enough to “get it,” to understand that I’d better “get with the program” and define what I’m here for and how I would make an impact.

I don’t believe that any of us (at large) had the crisp & clairvoyant leadership that would/could push us to succeed. And if you did have that, congratulations. But I KNOW you didn’t have what we’re developing on this website; a platform where hundreds of “masters” bring their knowledge for you to learn from, grow from… wisdom that would inspire your success.

From time to time we will share some of the notorious personalities that we all know and love. However, fame doesn’t at all amount to mastery; and visa-versa. So here, you will see it all, as much as we can give you… for free, branded and operated professionally and responsibly.

If you’d like to support our efforts, purchase a sweatshirt/hoodie, or a t-shirt. Maybe even a DVD, CD or book. They will all be here for you to indulge in. Furthermore, we are building a team (nationwide) of young and old who would like to devote one hour per week to building the written, audio & video catalogue on this site. Hope to hear from you soon.

I thank you. God bless you.

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