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Very interesting learning about billionaire Dan Pena, with his tough, filterless brilliance. On one hand, if I had him in my life when I was a child, (altho i’d feel like I’ve endured some kind of military school or boot camp Drill Instructor) I can’t help thinking I might be evermore successful than I am today. Or, at least richer, since the idea of “success” is subjective according to what you feel is or isn’t success. I mean, for some, the measure of success is money. Others feel success is living on edge, from day to day, with little to no money. Mr. Pena apparently feels success is his billions and his Billionaire Boys Club. And then there are those like me, who feel success is about balance, about achieving, being resourceful and being “present” in a world of so much clutter. But here’s the other thing about Mr Pena: he’s clear that he’s here for a finite period of time. And his way of “impact” is not only his wealth, but perhaps his wealth matched with his loud and aggressive (even obnoxious) speeches. He’s that military-trained grunt who took his life’ experiences and turned them into real generational wealth. Now he trains others… just where you wanna be.


If there’s one thing you need to admit in this world of politicians bragging about grabbing women’s genitals, and rock stars hugging and loving those politicians, it’s that life has changed as we know it. I’ve said this before but Engelbert Humperdinck was replaced with Madonna. Madonna was replaced with SnoopDogg, Lil Kim & 2Pac. That generation of rappers were replaced with SouljaBoy, Eminem, Nikki Minaj & 50Cent… and all of them; every last one of them are replaced with Cardi B. But holdup wait a minute! What happened to the rock stars that, well, sang rock??? 


Rotary Phones and Rock & Roll

Here’s the thing… the only thing constant in life is change.

And so many companies and individual brands are missing the boat and if not they are slipping or sleeping. I too am familiar with that feeling of “relaxing” and passing on things that require extra effort. Especially when you look deep into the back of my mind where I’m shouting, I’VE ALREADY MADE IT! I’VE DONE LEGENDARY THINGS! BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Well frankly, the rest of the world may be inspired by my story, but I’m more clear than ever that if it doesn’t put food on their tables, or money in their pockets… well, I may as well be SEARS or DUPONT, or A CASSETTE TAPE. Just look at the state of so called “Rock & Roll,” a concept that folks felt might last forever. But look at the magazine covers these days and you’d swear Rolling Stone is a rap magazine. Look at the once lolly-white Saturday Night Live TV show and you’d agree that the idea of “diversity” is a real thing. Yes, hot meals delivered to your door, 50 year old ex-cons driving little white girls to and from school… what is the world coming to? Is coming straight to YOU, and if you’re not ready, it will MOW YOU DOWN!

And pretty much, that what Dan Pena is barking, just in his own words. 

You’re Not Accomplishing 10% of What’s Possible!

So, while rock & roll as we know (or knew) it has become a rogue dinosaur in the world of pop culture, what do we learn from this? Do we simply sit back and watch others win. Or do we  use music as the metaphor for it all, (since many of us know music), and perhaps face these realities while we’re still standing. And since music virtually penetrates every part of our society, all told, right before our very eyes, the standards and traditions that we once knew have been swept aside. The New World order is now smart and young and proficient and, even if they don’t read, they can still benefit from your lack of knowledge. They can still crush it because of your lack of social media engagement. So, this elder man with the billions, while he’s earned his money legitimately, he has also earned the right to yell and scream and curse until we get through our thick skulls that there’s so much more to life then what you have settled for. Relentless


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